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Mid Century Modern KENMORE 1950s Vintage Lamp Floor Model Industrial Modernist Machine Age

Regular price $195.00
This amazing Machine Age Kenmore vintage sun lamp is an attractive industrial floor lamp with adjustable telescoping rods. This late 1950s model has a classic metallic anodized bronze finish.
It has a standard size ceramic socket, so the utilitarian lamp can also be used to make a striking decorative statement in the home as an everyday" floor lamp.  The lamp has a very simple modernist style, with highly engineered components and an eye-catching black ball finial on the end of the angled adjusting arm. It is in great condition for its age, lightly used.  The base has a few scratches and blemishes, the shade also has a few scuffs, but there are no dents or structural flaws, and there is really no serious damage that detracts from the appearance. All electrical and mechanical parts are working perfectly. The lamp stands 35 inches tall from base to the telescoping arm joint and raises up to 55 inches. Shade measures 7.75 inches in diameter. Electrical rating is 275 watts / 120 volts.
The lamp is in good original condition. Looks to be original paint. There are NO dings or major wear to the shade. The base has some discoloration and rust and wear present.

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